Zinc Borate

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Borates-based flame retardants are well-known to be used in coating or polymer, especially zinc borate. Zinc borate has flexibility and outstanding intrinsic properties, particularly its thermal and chemical stability, therefore often used as a filler in paint or polymer-related material to enhance the resistivity toward ignition and slow the spread of fire.


Paint, Ink and Coating

Paint, Ink and Coating

Zinc borate has a flame retardant ability which is suitable to be used in paints or pigments to prevent flames from spreading for limited times.

Plastic and Polymer

Plastic and Polymer

Zinc borate is used as a functional additive in polymers due to its high dehydration temperature.

Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper

Zinc borate acts as a preservative in wood composite and coated it from the pests disturbance such as termites.

Manufacturing Process

Zinc borate is obtained through the reaction of boric acid with zinc oxide. For industrial-scale manufacturing, the mixture of boric acid and zinc oxide is stirred under specific conditions until the crystal of zinc borate is obtained at a certain time.


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