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What is Zinc Borate?

Zinc borate is an inorganic compound, a borate of zinc. It is a white crystalline or amorphous powder insoluble in water. Its toxicity is low.

What is zinc borate used for? 

Zinc borate is primarily used as a flame retardant in plastics and cellulose fibers, paper, rubbers and textiles. It is also used in paints, adhesives, and pigments. As a flame retardant, it can replace antimony(III) oxide as a synergist in both halogen-based and halogen-free systems.

What is the formula of zinc borate?

Zinc borate having the formula of 4ZnO·B2O3·H2O has been used as a fire retardant for polymers requiring high processing temperatures since it has a high dehydration temperature (around 415°C).

Is zinc borate safe?

The following acute (short-term) health effects may occur immediately or shortly after exposure to Zinc Borate: * Contact can irritate the skin and eyes. * Breathing Zinc Borate can irritate the nose and throat causing coughing and wheezing.

What are the disadvantages of zinc borate?

Its low dehydration on-set temperature of about 120 °C is the primary disadvantage of this zinc borate in many commercial applications. This phase forms at room temperature in an aqueous reaction of borax with zinc salts or reaction boric acid with zinc oxide.

What is the use of zinc borate in PVC?

The zinc borate acts as a smoke suppressant in plasticized PVC. When used in conjunction with alumina trihydrate, strong synergism is observed in reducing the smoke.

Is zinc borate soluble?

ZINC BORATE has weak oxidizing or reducing powers. Slightly soluble in water. Not water-reactive.

Is borate the same as boric acid?

It should be noted that borax goes by a few other names, including sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, and disodium tetraborate. Alternatively, boric acid is also called boracic acid and orthoboric acid. To clarify, boric acid is an inorganic acid, and sodium borate, that is borax, is the sodium salt of boric acid.

Is zinc borate soluble in water?

Zinc borate is an inorganic compound, a borate of zinc. It is a white crystalline or amorphous powder insoluble in water. Its toxicity is low. Its melting point is 980 °C.

How is zinc borate manufactured?

This zinc borate can be prepared by aqueous reaction of borax with a dilute zinc nitrate solution. A more practical method developed by industrial chemists is by a reaction of zinc oxide with boric acid in hot aqueous solution.

What is zinc borate used for in agriculture?

Agriculture. The agriculture sector uses zinc borates to increase crop yields and prevent plant diseases. Some micronutrient formulations also use it in their fertilisers.

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The detailed information and specification about the product can be checked out by the attached Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that can be downloaded for every available product.

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